29. Januar 2011


!!! wird gerade bearbeitet !!! under construction!!! 




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      Elephant's Eye hat gesagt…

      (please ma'am, the turquoise I can read, but the Giftgelb is just an illegible smudge - the date, and totals in your archive)
      Your feed seems to be fine. Going to pick this post now ...
      Aha, CAN'T pick it. Whine at Stuart. James at Lost in the landscape has the same problem!

      rosalie+gesine hat gesagt…

      I changed it, better now? No yellow or giftgelb any more...:(
      Thank your for the check and for telling my problem at Stuart!

      dona hat gesagt…

      Hi Gesine! I'm sincerely grateful and honoured you linked me in your blogroll! Thank you so much!!! I linking you in my "links" page immediately!
      Ciao! :x

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